I'm Andrea also known as Andi. I was born in Dayton, Ohio. I have had a deep love for animals and nature every since I can remember. It started out as a child for me. I think its safe to say that I was BORN AN ANIMAL LOVER. I always found myself looking at the life around me and I started to look deeper. I even questioned the little simple things. I wanted to know more and more about them. I started to read books about nature, animals, and wildlife. I was very curious and never seem to be afraid to jump right in. I had a huge imagination and would often spend my childhood days playing in creeks, playing outside, collecting rocks and yes always finding myself upfront and center with animals, flowers, outdoors and LIFE. 

I began to love the science of things. I began to experiment. I started looking at things through microscope and seeing theses little forms of life in which our normal eye can not see. I began to understand more and more about life and how everything around us seems to be connected one way or another. I started to figure out the circle of life and how amazing it truly is. I was always in my mind, thinking in or even outside the box. I was always attracted to animals and in my heart connected with them. I would always be kind and loving towards them and started to see how funny they could all be with their own little personalities. From the smallest to the wildest, I was in LOVE. 

I started to take photographs of animals for fun! Lots of animals! I still do for travel photography, travel writing, and personal enjoyment. I always found myself heading to the nearest nature reserve or garden just to enjoy the life around me. I started to photograph more and more. I started photographing animals in the wild and life on its own natural stage. I started to look more closely at nature, trees, flowers, butterflies, small animals, and all the life around me. Same as I would as a child. I began to see that life, that spark, that personality, that energy vibe out of my photographs. I always loved photography as a hobby and rarely ever shared any of my photos. 

My life took a change. I started sharing and entering my favorite photographs with social media, contests, books and magazines. I started getting feedback. I than began to travel deeper even below the earths surface caves, caverns, hiking, backpacking, mountains etc,etc. I began to start visiting places and specific locations, started travel writing and photographing and sharing my adventures and experiences. I started to share for other people to enjoy. People started to ask me about my photographs. I began to start sharing photographs along with basic information of my adventures. People started asking me if they could purchase my prints? They started sharing with me how much they enjoy my photographs and the pure kindhearted joy it brought to them. They started telling me how beautiful some of these places I photographed were and started asking me where it was located, crazy because sometimes it was with in minutes from their own home.They could not believe it and they said" I have never seen  that place look so beautiful before". That is when i realized I have a special gift that I need to be sharing with everyone, so you can all view life through my eyes. Andi'Vibes "The Art of Bringing Personality to Wildlife and Nature"